Step By Step Guide To Filing an RTI – Right To Information 2005

In next 2 mins I will be guiding you as to how should you correctly file an RTI, step by step.
I have filed it personally so you can trust these steps.

Step01: RTI for the concerned authority?

Say Amar wants to know about pension details of his father who has been a government servant all his life and is struggling to get the final cheque from the government.
Amar opens the official website of Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) and reached the RTI section of this website

Step02: Whom to Appeal?

Amar should note down the full address of the Central Public Information Officer (official postal address of that building)

Step03: Format of the Application?

Fortunately there is no format, but you know how format paranoid government officers are:)

The Central Public Information Officer
Full address of the department

Subject: – Kindly provide me the details mentioned below under the Right to Information Act, 2005

Respected Sir/Madam,

1) Full Name Of Applicant:
2) Address of Applicant:
3) Particulars of Information Required:

(a) The information should have complete details of pension issues, registration numbers of employee, irregularity caused, pension amount expected etc
(b) The final data format should be like this:
Mention how should the data look…final format if required in table format?
(c) Period to which information relates: Clearly mention date applicable
(d) Information required in format: I need the information in soft copy, i.e. in a Compact Disk (CD). (or hard copy in the form of paper)
(e) Medium Of Reply: – I need the information by Post, preferably Speed Post ( or by hand)

Yours Truly,
Signature of Applicant: –

Place: –
Date: –

Step04: How to send the RTI application

Amar now has to check Google and see which post office accepts this RTI. For eg: if in Pune, the Post office in Shivajinagar (close to JM road) has a post master who is responsible to accept and assist Amar in filing this RTI….but he won’t 🙂

Step05: What to do in post office?

Ask for Rs 10 UCR (Unclassified Receipt) with your name and category RTI and stick that UCR on the application (not envelope) and keep the acknowledgment of this UCR with yourself. After couple of weeks the post master should send you a confirmation that he has sent the RTI. My recent experience says go for Rs 10 IPO (Indian Postal Order) and put this IPO in the same envelope where we will put the RTI application for speed post. An RTI to central government should be free (no fee of 10 Rs required) but my recent RTI got rejected saying I didn’t pay the fees), But I didn’t give up, I’ve filed again and this time no UCR, just the IPO.

Step06: How to send to the Info officer?

Put the application inside any sized envelope and speed post or registered post it to the address noted in step01 above. Keep the acknowledgment/receipt of this speed post with you to track it online on speed post website

Step07: Next is what?

Wait for the confirmation/acknowledgment from the person whom you sent the RTI after 30/35 days. There after you will be informed if you will be provided with the data or not with reasons. If yes, then they will ask for total pages cost or the CD cost (normally 50 Rs)

In step01 itself Amar should have noted the person in whose favor a DD is to be sent for the total cost of information. For eg: of Medical Council of India it would be Payable to the Secretary, Medical Council Of India

I hope this helps….feel free to “APPEAL” one step ahead….an ESCALATION will write a separate blog for that….soon

Details of whom to escalate is in same website in step01 for specific department.

PS – Please don’t be arrogant or don’t address the info officer as if you need an explanation, remember that you just need an information….so ask for what you need.

Best Regards,


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